Giving clients peace-of-mind since 1996 by keeping their data secure and out of the wrong hands. Today we deliver cyber security on premise, in the Cloud, or on private networks.

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We provide custom implementations specific to each client's needs. We can fully leverage the CRM functionality as well as the collaborative aspects with unmatched security.

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Our team has years of experience building applications from concept to delivery. We can help you build a general application or we can leverage our expertise for security or Salesforce applications no matter how complex.

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What Are You Doing About Cybersecurity?

If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. Survey finds that almost 70 percent of respondents have faced at least one security breach in the past year, and yet they’re still not doing much about it.   Awareness of the risk is high… VIEW PHOTO But as a strategic priority, reducing the risk […]

cirrus announcement

Cirrus launches complete Salesforce + Gmail integration on your phone

Apparently multitasking on phones sucks even more than multitasking on a desktop. So Cirrus Insight built a Salesforce + Gmail integration, which means that Salesforce addicts won’t have to tap and highlight text in one app, copy it, double-tap their iPhone’s home button, find the other app they need, tap again, and finally paste. The company is […]


Salesforce Small Business CRM: Top 3 Business Features

Want to increase sales and expand your business? Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software provider, offers the same revenue-growing tools enterprises use — but on a small business budget. SalesforceSmall Business CRM takes the guesswork out of managing leads, prospects and customers, while providing an easy-to-use interface to keep track of the sales […]


Skype stores all application data in a local database in plain text

Romanian Researcher discovered that Skype application store sensitive User Data Unencrypted on a local database. A Romanian programmer at Hackyard Security Group, Dragoş Gaftoneanu,revealed through a  blog post that the popular VOIP application Skype leaves its local database unencrypted. Unfortunately the problem is very common, many applications, especially mobile apps, don’t encrypt application data exposing user’s information to serious risks for their privacy. According Gaftoneanu, all user data, […]