Giving clients peace-of-mind since 1996 by keeping their data secure and out of the wrong hands. Today we deliver cyber security on premise, in the Cloud, or on private networks.

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We offer code analysis and auditing services for investment groups to achieve metric based quality analysys for commercial software products and QA services to augment your existing SQA testing cycles.

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Our team has years of experience building applications from concept to delivery. We can help you build a general application or we can leverage our expertise for security or Salesforce applications no matter how complex.

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London joins coalition of cybercrime-fighting cities

As crimes of a virtual nature increasingly start to affect the daily lives of citizens, cities world over are joining forces and sharing practices and expertise in a bid to build their defences against invisible threats. Announced today in Singapore by the Rockefeller Foundation — amid 330 global contenders — London became one of 35 […]

SpoofedMe attacks exploit popular websites social login flaws

by Pierluigi Paganini on December 6th, 2014 Social Login flaw Fb-Button The experts at IBM have found several problems in implementation of the social login authentication of several identity providers. The researchers at IBM’s X Force security discovered a way to gain access to Web accounts by exploiting misconfiguration in some social login services. Social […]

What Are You Doing About Cybersecurity?

If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. Survey finds that almost 70 percent of respondents have faced at least one security breach in the past year, and yet they’re still not doing much about it.   Awareness of the risk is high… VIEW PHOTO But as a strategic priority, reducing the risk […]

Skype stores all application data in a local database in plain text

Romanian Researcher discovered that Skype application store sensitive User Data Unencrypted on a local database. A Romanian programmer at Hackyard Security Group, Dragoş Gaftoneanu,revealed through a  blog post that the popular VOIP application Skype leaves its local database unencrypted. Unfortunately the problem is very common, many applications, especially mobile apps, don’t encrypt application data exposing user’s information to serious risks for their privacy.