PKI Encryption and Digital Signature


Keeping your most sensitive data secure and compliant while keeping your whole organization moving at Internet speed.

Governments and large organizations around the world have been achieving this through the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology and now SiO2 can bring this to your organization by leveraging:

• Years of experience (1996)
• Many implementations
• New product advances

Does this sound familiar?

You and your associates discuss security and cyber attacks because your information must be protected and not compromised. Companies of all sizes and industries are under attack. The common denominator is lack of preparation.

Security and compliance reporting are also becoming more challenging because someone else is hosting your data. The need for PKI is even more acute because of this mass migration to the Cloud, still many organizations are adopting applications, such as, and placing more of their data and operations in the Cloud.

PKI Encryption

PKI is not a single product or technology, but rather a framework of technologies(hardware and software) that incorporate your policies and procedures, enabling you to secure your most important assets. PKI encryption and digital signature applications can fit into any IT architecture and incorporate automation workflows to fit your organization and business processes.

We know how to design and configure the right architecture that will meet all your needs as efficiently as possible. These tailor-made applications are both manageable and cost effective for any size organization. We can also recommend and help you evaluate some of the latest products and integrate with other PKI systems that you may already be working with.

SiO2 experts bring a methodology that will guide you through your first application and help introduce PKI best practices to your staff.

Most of our clients have multiple applications that use PKI in different ways, depending on what assets are being protected and what threats they are protecting the assets from. We can train your staff on PKI concepts and technologies, such as:

• Encryption on both server and client
• Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s)
• Digital certificates
• Managing the application
• Generating reports

By generating reports that verify where the data was and who had access, you can systematically manage compliance reporting, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, so you no longer have to jump through hoops and run your people through fire drills.