SiO2 Core Values

Our Core Values

The SiO2 Corp Core Values are the fundamental beliefs, principles and ideals that unite each member of our team. They are what make us a family. Our Core Values provide the foundation for the personal and professional decisions we make, and guide us in the way we treat ourselves, our families, our customers, our community and everybody with whom we interact. We recognize that living our values is not a destination but a journey. Although we are not perfect, we are committed to putting our Core Values above all else because they define who we are. We recognize the path to enduring greatness is divined by following our convictions.


Honor and trust are essential elements of enduring success. Although we always play to win, we refuse to do so at the expense of our country, our customers, business partners, employees or shareholders. We approach every endeavor with the honorable intention of creating a win/win for all involved. As individuals and as a company we have made a personal commitment to do what is right and to follow through on our commitments. We commit to doing the right thing, even if it hurts and even when nobody is looking.


No matter how big or how small the stakes, we always bring our “A” game. We aspire to achieve success through exhaustive planning and flawless execution. We are dedicated to improving how the world works through technological and organizational innovation. We continually evaluate and seek ways to push beyond the boundaries of current standards and prevailing methodologies. However, we understand that innovation does not come without risk. We embrace this risk and accept our own errors as learning opportunities and as such, a necessary step along the path to innovation.


We believe that empowerment is the key to unlocking human potential. On an individual level, we are devoted to a culture in which individuals are provided with the tools, information, and opportunity to take control of their own destiny. As members of the SiO2 Corp team, we each have the freedom to think and act upon issues beyond the scope of our jobs. Although our primary focus is the execution of our assigned duties, we are encouraged to propose and initiate new and dynamic ways to conduct our business. By using our collective work experience and collective acquired knowledge, we strive to add value throughout the organization