Software Quality Assurance and Technical Support

A product isn’t complete without rigorous testing and robust customer support

Often the most overlooked services in a product development organization are Quality Assurance and Technical Support. At SiO2 we recognize that these services are in many cases the most critical.

It's a well known fact of the product development cycle that the earlier you can catch a problem in your product the easier and cheaper it is to fix. As such, we see Quality Assurance as an integral part of the development cycle and focus on creating the best Test Plans, Test Cases, and an overall Test Driven methodology that is designed to make the development cycle as error free as possible. Moreover, a robust testing process leads to a better product delivered in less time.

We also recognize that Technical Support is not just about solving your customers issues but is about providing your customers with the best possible experience (not just of your product but of your company.) Excellent quality Technical Support not only insures that your customer is satisfied with your product but that they are delighted with your company and that leads to a greater return on investment for both you and your customers.

Integrating a robust Quality Assurance and Technical Support into the product design is as important as integrating your product into your business model. Technical Support is the “public face” of your company before and after the “sale”. Technical and Customer service provide first hand customer feedback in real time. Customer feedback drives Product Development and Marketing road-maps forward. Your team will be able to drive your business forward and the right decisions become “apparent” as opposed to “trial and error” experiments.

The industry trend has been slashing product development and maintenance costs in order to keep the bottom line as low as possible costs. As a result the software testing is often offloaded onto the end user and as a result good products struggle or don’t meet their initial life cycle goal. Only a fraction of end users report bugs, and for the bugs which are reported only the most serious bugs are fixed if found reproduce-able.

SiO2 has many years of experience building Quality Assurance and Technical Support Departments for name brand products companies. We offer full complete service integrated into your workflow with experienced engineers and management all based in the US. We tailor plans to fit your needs. from in-house permanent place operations to complete outsource connected operations. From mission critical 24x7, Tier 1,2,3 to business and consumer coverages. Please contact our business development department for quotations.