Technical Information

At SiO2 we treat development seriously and with precision. We apply the necessary processes to support the requirements that need to fulfilled. We are agnostic about technolory, Utilizing the tools needed to support any language or operating system, database platform, managed or unmanaged or open source code. If it has a CPU or GPU SiO2 can write the code.

For Win32, iOS. OSX, Android:
Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, C/C++
Rad Studio XE / C/C++. Delphi. iOS. OS X, Android

For OS X, iOS:
xCode - Objective C
Swift - iOS, OS X

For all flavors of Unix, Linux:
Java, Java Enterprise
Jboss, Glassfish Application Servers
Eclipse IDE
NerBeans IDE

Database Platforms:
SQL Server
NoSQL, Apache Cassandra

Hardware and Software Cryptographic Libraries:
For Applications running on Servers, Desktop, Laptop and Smart Devices, for all languages and platforms we use cryptographic libraries that adhere with International Standards both Commercial and Open Source. We also integrate Code Obfuscation Tools to protect your code from being reversed engineered or hacked while running or not. In your application we integrate data encryption to encrypt and decrypt data and objects during runtime operations in application memory and data transfers.

Software Based Cryptographic Libraries:
Microsoft CryptoAPI, CSP
GNU Crypto

Hardware Based Cryptographic Platforms:
Utimaco HSM
SafeNet HSM

We conduct development operation in a manner which fits best for each customer. In most cases, Operations are securely hosted by our customers and integrate our development teams together. We adopt the the existing development environment and set up development, build and test platforms. For our customers who are in start up stages we provide the hosting services and technology transfers.