Giving clients peace-of-mind since 1996 by keeping their data secure and out of the wrong hands. Today we deliver cyber security on premise, in the Cloud, or on private networks.

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We offer code analysis and auditing services for investment groups to achieve metric based quality analysys for commercial software products and QA services to augment your existing SQA testing cycles.

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Our team has years of experience building applications from concept to delivery. We can help you build a general application or we can leverage our expertise for security or Salesforce applications no matter how complex.

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Xiaomi says counterfeiters are hurting sales

Xiaomi, a company that has arguably been influenced by Apple products, is now complaining about counterfeiters. Xiaomi recently explained that counterfeiters copied the design of its Mi Power Bank last year and ultimately caused a huge detriment to sales of its accessory. According to Bloomberg, Xiaomi sold 14.6 million Mi Power Bank Units—an impressive figure […]

Cyber crime: What every business needs to know

  Ask anyone involved in fighting cyber crime on a daily basis about what businesses should know, and the first thing they will say is that no organisation is immune. The second most frequently raised point is that no business can afford to ignore cyber crime, which is estimated to cost the global economy around $445bn a […]

A ‘Culture of Cybersecurity’ Is Best Small Business Defense

by Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Assistant Editor   |   November 10, 2014 12:00pm ET By now, most business owners are aware that, regardless of your business size, no one is immune from the risk of a cyberbreach. Today’s hackers are highly sophisticated and have the means to attack any target they choose.While most small […]

Sony hack: How cybercrime just got even more complicated

By Steve Ranger | December 19, 2014 — 21:25 GMT (13:25 PST) The Sony Pictures hack combines together celebrity, cybercrime and geopolitics in one dramatic package – worthy of a movie in itself. Now the FBI has now pointed the finger at North Korea over the attack, which combined destructive malware with the theft […]