Cyber Security Applications

Don’t make headlines because of a data breach.

We can help you protect your sensitive data and communications. We can secure your entry points, whether a device or someone logging in.  We can start from scratch or integrate with your existing security systems. Here are just some examples of the types of cyber security applications we can build for you:


Company provided or BYOD, users with multiple devices and types will auto enroll all of them with ease. Each device is digitally registered and keyed to a user and can be instantly reported lost or stolen. If reported, countermeasures are initiated and if found, can be easily re-enrolled for continued service.

Document Signing

Add e-signatures, authorized collaborators, time-stamps and encryption/decryption to contracts, statements, invoices, legal and financials in file types like PDF, DOC, XLS.

Strong Authentication

Management and auditing of both user and device identities, allowing granular control over who, or what, accesses your services, data and digital assets on your internet/extranet/intranet resources.

Virtual Private Networks

Connections by issuing certificates to your VPN routers such as OpenVPN, Cisco, Juniper etc., client VPN access with certificates in users VPN clients.

Secure Communication

Solid connections between SSL/TLS Servers and SSL/TLS Clients for your internal private networks. The cost is fractional compared to buying vendor provisioned digital certificates.

Online Validation

Automatic Strong Authentication validates the status of every secure connection request whether logging into a remote application or opening a file on your local machine or device. The online service can process thousands of requests per second.

Secure Email

Prevent tampering of email content, prove message origin, prevent exposure of email content with encryption, flexible and secure communication. Seamlessly integrates with your email clients and web hosted email applications.

Smart Cards

Enforces Multi-Factor Authentication usually for physical access control, i.e. opening doors and logging on to computers. In manufacturing or utilities operations a typical use is turning on a manufacturing line or a power station.

Counterfeit Prevention

IC Chip manufacturing and integrated assembly manufacturers: enables “bake in” unique key so when components initialized, the key is validated.

Time Stamping

Consider two questions that may be asked by a computer user as he or she views a digital document or on-line record:
1. Who is the author of this record - who wrote it, approved it, or consented to it?
2. When was this record created or last modified?

Code Signing

Securing your software development process ensures that your process is being protected and that the software running on your servers, cloud and end users cannot be tampered with.

Single Sign-on

Allows the authorized user to access multiple applications and servers using master credentials. It would also prevent application logins to be initiated by someone who accesses an unattended desktop or device.